Web Tech Projects

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  • Design and Development

    At Web Tech we deliver complete Multimedia as well as Web marketing solutions for our clients. This solution begins with the creation and implementation of an Internet marketing strategy, which then leads to the design and development of web sites. Despite the ongoing attempts of traditional marketing and advertisement specialists to draw parallels between traditional and Internet marketing, the fact remains that Internet marketing is a unique and separate segment of the Internet industry with its own set of stringent rules and guidelines. Web Tech possesses this specialized knowledge backed by years of experience and an impressive portfolio of Internet marketing success stories across all industries.

  • Responsive Web Website

    We specialize in large-scale responsive websites built on a solid content strategy and user experience design. We design sustainable solutions that give both your customers and your team what they need to be successful. A responsive website design is one website with one set of content, optimised for every device, e.g. iPhone /Android, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV or even your games console. With 25% of web traffic coming from mobiles it's the future of web design.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Trying to have more website traffic and lots of sales every day? It’s the search engine that takes the online users to your website, and these online users may be your potential customers. Then, why don’t you take steps to be friendly to these search engines. Get your website optimized and increase the chance of having more customers. Rely on our search engine optimization techniques and start seeing your business name on the first page of Google search engine ranking pages.